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We are JP and Amanda, a dynamic husband and wife photography duo based in Sydney.

Having run a busy inner city café’ and two other photography businesses before, we know all too well the challenges that business owners can be faced with when it comes to the ever-evolving world of commerce.

If there is even just one thing you must take from our story today it is that now is the critical time to start building strong and effective visual content for your business. With stats proving that more and more consumers are looking to visual social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for their purchasing decisions, and with followers set to soar to 2.9 billion come 2020 (Statista); there’s no better time than now to ensure your visual content is the most innovative and compelling it can be.

There is just no arguing this point: your visual brand and business visual story needs to be strikingly good to stand out against the vast numbers of businesses vying for your customer’s attention. We know this all too well in the overly saturated and competitive markets in cafe's and photography!

We learnt pretty fast that if we didn't have a strong visual presence online; that we would soon be forgotten.

Yes, we started losing a lot of our customers to competitors who were doing it right!!


“Striking and consistent visual branding is key to you staying relevant, trusted and familiar with your target market, and will be central to ensuring you stay ahead in the fast-paced world of modern business and social media”

The biggest challenge we found personally, was a lack of consistency in our visual branding and finding the actual content to put up on our various online channels. The problem was fuelled further by the all to common problem in finding the time and resources to actually photograph and create the visual content we needed! Something had to change.

This is when Jasper Avenue was born.


We discovered that the answer to our problem was fairly simple, and all it took was setting aside an hour or two once a month to photograph a library of images that we could easily access at any time throughout our working week, and that worked within our content marketing strategy and plan.

By having quality images readily available we could post every day on our Instagram and Facebook pages, keep our website updated, engage confidently with the media, and we gained the momentum we needed to consistently connect with our target customers.

Rather than allowing the changes around us to get us down, we saw an opportunity to thrive by using our skill as professional photographers to create effective visual content. More importantly we decided that we should also help others solve the same problems we faced.

We are here to help you.


Jasper Avenue is more than another commercial photography business out there, as we are genuinely here to help. We are honest, reliable and down-to-earth people with a heart for serving others through the use of our skill set, creativity and experience.

We hope that what we have learnt along our own journey in photography and business and the benefits that have come with creating a strong visual content can help you grow your business and keep you relevant and engaged with your target audience.

If our story and images have inspired you to take that leap of faith into enhancing your visual and photographic content, than please connect with us today.

We would love to work alongside and support you in creating the visual weaponry you need to continue to grow your client base and get your unique business story out there on social media for all to see!


JP + Amanda




Meet Your Photographers



At the age of ten I picked up my first camera, and I haven't put it down since! From a young age I immersed myself in the world of photography and I especially had a keen interest in reading photography magazines and publications like National Geographic. Much of my inspiration comes from my surroundings and finding art in the every day. I especially enjoy photographing street scenes and the daily life of people from all walks of life. I love to travel and document the various cultures and people of different nations. I am especially drawn to elements of light and shadows which I believe brings a photograph to a whole other level and truly makes an image sing.



Since picking up my first SLR camera six years ago, I have not only grown as a photographer but also as a person. Photography has taught me to be present and to appreciate every moment. My ultimate purpose as a photographer is to capture authentic images that not only make a "pretty picture" but also evoke feeling and tell a story; no matter how simple or complex that story may be. I didn't choose photography. It chose me.