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We offer a cost-effective and straightforward photography service that will give you the competitive edge you need to grow your client base, connect with social media users and tell the complete story of your business.

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Our purpose is to help businesses & entrepreneurs to communicate their brand by creating relevant and striking photography that will give them the confidence & and visual tools to promote new products and services, get in touch with the media, transform their website, and boost their engagement on social media.


our Service

Eye-catching and engaging imagery is paramount to your success as it is the first thing a client will see when they come in contact with your business.

Specialising in social media photography for small businesses, Jasper Avenue creates vibrant and beautiful digital images and visual content that conveys a business' visual story. 

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Our Story

Hi there! We are John and Amanda, a dynamic husband and wife photography duo based in Balmain, in the inner west of Sydney NSW.

Together, we run a busy inner city café’ and two photography businesses, so we know all too well the challenges that business owners can be faced with when it comes to the ever-evolving world of commerce.

If there is even just one thing you must take from our story today it is that now is the critical time to start building strong and effective visual content for your business. With stats proving that more and more consumers are looking to visual social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for their purchasing decisions, and with followers set to soar to 2.5 billion come 2018 (Statista); there’s no better time than now to ensure your visual content is the most innovative and compelling it can be.



There is no better time than now to make certain your social media is the most innovative & compelling it can be in its branded visual content


Clients Review

Fantastic duo who work hard to produce beautiful photos to elevate your business. We have been working with Amanda and John for over 3 months now and the quality of the photos is consistently fabulous. Look forward to doing more shoots with them!
— Myriam B (from @akhalbeauty)
Amanda and John have produced the most amazing images for our catering business and our linen hire business. They always have such a fantastic understanding of what I’m after with, usually, a very small brief. Book them if your after quality professional people that will ad value to your business.
— Leoni Sassall (from @beautifullinenhire)
John and Amanda’s service and creative direction on the day of the shoot was outstanding. It was very thorough and well thought out. They patiently took their time to guide me throughout the shoot.

Also, they explained the finer details of what needs to be done to achieve the appropriate visual messages and desired context for the images/video.

Great work. Highly recommend.
— Harmanto Nguyen
John and Amanda from Jasper Ave are the perfect team. I love that their photographic style really embraces the feel of your establishment and provides a clear picture of what the user can expect when they arrive. Not only do their photos have a wonderful ambiance, but the manner in which John and Amanda work in store means that you can continue to serve customers and they work away with minimal instruction. We love the photo story that John and Amanda have created for Mr Perkins and it has been a pleasure to be able to communicate with these images not only on social media, but through traditional printed media and their associated online avenues.
— Shari Ujdur (from Mr. Perkins)

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